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[Spring Workshop 2008] Program

Emily Carr, Granville Island
May 29 & 30th, 2008

Welcome by Bryan Fair, BCIT & SCETUG Chair & Monique Fouquet, VP Academic, Emily Carr
MashUp Intro (Creative time) – Brian Lamb
Keynote Speaker:”The Creative Process”, Liane Gabora, UBC Okanagan

“Digital Storytelling”, Bryan Fair
“Grassroots Video: New tricks for old dogs”, Michael Minions
“Teaching Art Online”, Heidi May & Kyla Mallett
“Virtual Worlds: Second Life”, Nola Johnson
“Acting Up!”, Michelle Kearns
“Hands-On: Mindmapping Madness: web tools to capture the chaos”, Cindy Underhill
“Teaching popular culture online: finding the tools for a pedagogy of empowerment”, Jody Baker
“Hands-On: Web 2.0 tools for teaching popular culture”, Jody Baker
“”Hands-On: pachyderm: rich media presentations”, Negin Mirriahi & Angela Lam
“CrowdTrust”, David Vogt
“What’s on Your Horizon?, Scott Leslie & Cyprien Lomas
“Open Source Content: Cultivating a culture of sharing our creativity”, Chris Grantham
“Storyboarding”, Elena Underhill
“Hands-On: Digital Storytelling”, Bryan Fair
“Hands-On: Grassroots Video: new tricks for old dogs”, Michael Minions
“Hands-On: Being Creative in Second Life”, Dan O’Reilly
Mobilizing Educational Media: Let’s get it started”  Lisa O’Neill
Dare2BDigital” Paul Stacey
Glocal: Opensourcing creativity” Jeremy Thorp
A Geek and his Gadgets” Bob Clark
“Mobile Content” David Vogt
Institutional Updates
Dinner at Dockside Restaurant  & induction of new Members Emeritus: Bob Clark, Jacqueline Bradshaw, Patrick O’Brien
Networking- Creative Time
Emily Carr Campus Tour
Workshop Wrapup

  • Display of our Vision of Creativity (mashup)
  • What did we learn about creativity
  • How to apply in the world of ed technology? 1. as individuals 2. Community of practitioners with challenges we face.