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[Spring Workshop 2010] Program

3 Cup of TETUG’s  Spring Workshop 2010 held at the University of Victoria, June 7 and 8 was a great success. Link to the Crowdvine site where we’ve shared resources.
Description of our workshop in the original announcement:
Our theme is “3 Cups of T: Teaching, Technology, Transformation”. This alludes to the bestseller, “Three Cups of Tea” – an inspiring story of a brave, pioneering educator in a hostile situation who, against great odds, makes a big difference in the world. He did this in small increments, by working “failures” into successes, and by learning to really listen and consider stakeholders and their needs. The power of patience and building relationships in order to innovate and bring about change are themes we can relate to in our work in education and technology. Not to mention, our workshop is taking place in Victoria, BC (a high-tea hotspot). It will be a tea-riffic event!
Come share  your challenges and triumphs with teaching with technology and views on system trends and changes

Presenter Session
Keynote: Tony Bates & Panelists: Catherine Mateer, UVic; Mary Burgess, RRU; Barbara Thomas, VIU (live webcast & recorded) “Strategic Thinking about E-learning”
Janine Hirtz, UBC “Using Technology to Promote Student Engagement”
Catherine Caws, UVic “Language Communities: creating authentic writing opportunites”
Grant Potter, UNBC “Headsup! Intro to Geohacking”
Mary O’Neill, VIU; Tim Hopper, UVic: Kathy Sandford UVic: Lynne Young, UVic “E-portfolio Panel”
BJ Eib, RRU; Tracy Roberts, RRU ” Raising the comfort level (and competency) of new online instructors”
Merna Forster, UVic “Playful Technology – Putting the Mystery Back into Teaching”
Griff Richards, Athabasca and Tanya Elias, Athabasca Student “How Free is Free? Building Courses with OER”
Clint Lalonde, Camosun; Novak Rogic, UBC; Scott McMillan, UBC; Keith Webster, UVic; Michelle Harris, TRU “WordCamp”
Eric Fleischer, UVic  “Google Wave: the next Tsunami in Ed tech?”
Katy Connelly, UVic “Portable Apps”
Judy Southwell, VIU; Pam Portal and presenters “Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy in Internet-based Teaching & Learning Activities”
BJ Eib, RRU and Pam Miller, RRU “Elluminate: Lighting the Imagination”
Valerie Irvine, UVic “Discovering a Multi-Access Learning Environment in Action”
Teresa Lee, UBC and Ellen George, UBC “The Social Side of Citation”
Paul Stacey, BCcampus “Architecting Ed Tech”
Michael Minions, Okanagan College “Cloud Computing: A walk in the woods”
Lynne Young, UVic “Exploring Pedagogies & Online Learning”
Roger Powley, Athabasca “Creating Open Courseware- Lessons Learned”
Ravindra Mohabeer, VIU “Tools as Content: How presentation software becomes part of the show.”
Brian Lamb, Cindy Underhill, Novak Rogic, UBC “Small Pieces, thoughtully joined”
Andre Malan, UBC Student “Educational Technology – The Users’ Perspective”
Kate Butler, Donna McGhie-Richmond, UVic “Simulating Student Engagement and Collaboration: Contrasting Case Studies in Moodle”
Bonita Davidson and Mary O’Neill, VIU “Stop the Bullets: An image contextualized approach to Teaching & Learning”
Brent Lee, VIU “iPad: the nextgadget for a learning surface?”
Paul Stacey, BCcampus (Facilitator)  Debate Team Leads: Martin Smith, UVic and Grant Potter, UNBC DEBATE

Over the lunch hour a presentation will be made to the winner of the BC Innovation Awards in Educational Technology.

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