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[Fall workshop 2011] Summary Feedback

It’s always great to to get feedback from ETUG in our post-workshop survey. We like to try new things and when we do, it’s important to know what you think. We also like to continue with the “tried and true” but need to know if it’s still relevant and working for you. Thanks to everyone who responded with their very thoughtful comments. As the organizers, SCETUG reviews the feedback so we can make adjustments and improvements for our future events.
To date we’ve received 29 responses from our 100 participants. If you didn’t get a chance to send us your thoughts, we welcome your feedback on the survey or Contactus@etug.ca/
Here is a Summary of Responses to the feedback survey or you can read the complete responses.

How many years have you attended ETUG workshops

This was my first year 5 19%
2 years 5 19%
3 years 5 19%
4 years 1 4%
5+ years 10 37%
I’ve attended ALL of them! I am an ETUGGER for LIFE 1 4%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What did you think of the theme for this workshop? “You Are Here: Supporting Mindful Journeys in our Practice”
It was great. Just what I was looking for. 15 56%
It was alright. 7 26%
The theme didn’t interest me. 3 11%
Not my thing. 2 7%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
On average, were the sessions too short, too long or the right length?
Too long 5 21%
Too short 0 0%
Just right 19 79%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What was your favorite session and why?
Evernote: very hands-on presentation of a tool and its potential.I learned a lot from the Royal Roads session. I always enjoy the institutional updates, I think they are my favourite part.I enjoyed the updates best.EvernoteFaculty Development: Mindful Journey or Bad Trip?I liked them all because they were so different from each other. I liked them all, for different reasons. I really enjoyed the Stillness in Motion session. It set the stage for the day. i really liked the first session about ‘mindfulness’. there was a good variety of presenters & approaches. This was something different…
Please provide a comment or two on the workshop sessions? What stood out for you? What could be improved?
Meditation session was awkward and inappropriate. Something that might be included in an “extra” outside-hours session, not as part of the conference itself. It was launched into without any context or relevance. Dangerously close to a religious/spiritual session which is not right especially given ETUG/BCcampus is a secular, publicly-funded organization.I liked how the formats were interesting because of the nature of the theme: it was more participatory, experiential and that was nice. A mix of types of formats is good, since i don’t mind coming to the workshop and listening to a present…
What did you think of the food at the workshop
Yummy! 3 12%
It was alright. 17 65%
The food could have used some help. 6 23%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What did you think of the venue?
Good!Great – a bit cold though.Good venue, but not a fan of all-plenary events. Convenient location.The room was a good size for the presentations and for networking.It was easy to get to, close to accommodations and restaurant, lots of room to move around the room, nice to be at an institution. The location is super-convenient but otherwise the rooms were pretty mundane. Would have been nice to have some tables & also some electrical outlets for recharging technology stuff.The venue was fine. The location and timing with the shared services meeting was convenient. It felt a bit gymnasiumy…
What could we have done better to improve your experience of the workshop?
You guys always do a great job!I’m torn between breakout sessions where you have to choose where to go and this format. I would have preferred a bunch of 2 or three minute sessions of “this is cool” apps or tools. Not sure the workshops were very interactive based on what I saw.Showing new tech trends could be more useful. Nothing. It was a great day. Different seating arrangement. It was difficult to manage drinks, computer, etc and not ideal for group conversations. It would have been better with tables. It seemed we didn’t have as much time for networking, but that might have been because…
For 2012, what sort of activities would you like to see from ETUG? And if you have a specific ideas, would you be willing to take the lead or lend a hand?
It would be helpful to have a workshop around strategic planning–eg. for faculty development, ed tech, student development.See above – a bunch of 2 or three minute sessions of “this is cool” apps or tools. A real focus on professional learning and aspects of quality, design and effectiveness in a educational technology context. Our cousins south of the border are being are facing these challenges but those themes have not yet emerged politically here in Canada. Best we be prepared.unconference! Feels like we’re ready for a change in format.I don’t have specific ideas, sorry. As mentioned…
For the Spring Workshop 2012, what theme(s), topics or applied/”hands-on” sessions would you like to see?
not sure yet.Some really practical how-tos. Like how to remix a piece of open content and relicense it. Or how to create a license and put it on a piece of content. Sounds easy. Try it.hottest/newest gadgets or technologies that we could use in e-learning.might be nice to hear from the mobile learning projects that are happening around the provinceMore on how support is handled at different institutions. (how it’s managed, delivered, and if it’s tracked)• Using Video for teaching and learning • social tools applied to video and other learning objectsThe Gamefication of Learning…
Please use this space to give us ANY feedback about the Fall Workshop “You Are Here”. We really want to hear from you!
Thank you for all the great work the committee did, it showed how much work was done by how well organized it was. Leva and Amanda you are amazing, I didn’t hear anyone complain and things just ran like a Swiss Clock 🙂 Thank you so much!! It was great to network and I really enjoyed that aspect. You had time built into the schedule for that and it was great to see everyone talking and sharing. What a great group of people. I wasn’t a fan of the topic, and I thought it was too cerebral to be meaningful. People travled form around the province for this event. This 2.5-minute video animation…
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