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How to add Image to your post

1. Depending on the type of media you would like to upload, you can choose to upload an Image, a Video, or an Audio.

2. For uploading an Image, click the image icon located on top of the post area. Click on the Select Files button and start browsing for the desired image.


3. Once the file finished uploading, you can change the information of the image such as the title name, alternate text, description, etc. You can also specify the alignment and size of the image to insert to the post. You can choose to save the image in the gallery by clicking on “Save all changes” button.

4. To attach the image from the gallery to a post, click on the show button of the desired image under gallery. All the information stored previously will be available on the screen. Click on the “Insert to post” button to attach the image to the post.

5. If you have uploaded more than one image, you can choose to display your images as a gallery. Under Gallery tab, you can set up the setting for the gallery you wish to attach and then click “Insert gallery” button.

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