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[Spring Workshop 2012] Proposals – Session Formats

Session Formats include the following, but we are also open to suggestions:

  • Hands-On: Lead a hands-on/how-to technology session (minimum 90 min session preferred).
  • Case study:  Present a case study showcasing innovation in your, or your institution’s, practice.
  • Show/Share:   Are you in the middle of a project right now involving new and exciting innovations or uses in ed technology?  Share what’s working, what’s not, and get feedback from your participants.
  • Thinking Session: Facilitate a thinking session in which you ask participants to brainstorm innovative solutions to challenges you’ve dealt with, or are dealing with, in your practice.  Invite participants to design or create something together, for example, an assignment, a grading rubric, a policy, a strategy, etc.
  • Other session ideas… you can volunteer to organize and facilitate:

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