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[T.E.L.L. May Summary] Case Studies in Innovative Technology Use

The following post was contributed by Amanda Coolidge, RRU

ETUG would like to extend a special thank you to Valia Spiliotopoulos, Patric Lougheed, and Scott Gerrity for their presentation, Case Studies in Innovative Technology Use, at our May T.E.L.L. Presentation series.
Valia led the discussion about the work and process involved in the Case Studies in Innovative Technology Use Website, and certainly wowed the audience with this exceptional resource. According to the presentation, the development of the resource was instigated by the need to highlight and support faculty-led approaches towards innovation in education by showcasing them and their work using a case-studies approach. As Valia showcased various aspects of the resource it became clear that for many institutions, this is a fabulous site to share across one’s institution as it includes videotaped interviews of faculty across BC’s higher education community who answer key questions related to learning and teaching with technology by offering best practice guidelines, tips, and solutions to common educational technology problems.
The site also includes some videos/snapshots or ‘captures’ of exemplar courses and accompanying sample learning materials (i.e. links to concept mapping tools, sample questions or online assignments) that will help other instructors adapt, conceptualize and apply strategies and best practices in their own courses and contexts.
Those in attendance agreed that the Case Studies in Innovative Technology Use Website should continue to grow and that perhaps we could create a system to manually update and upload our own videos and stories from faculty within our own institutions. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this amazingly valuable resource, do it now. You will definitely want to share this one with others!


Recording https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/jwsdetect/playback.jnlp?psid=2012-05-29.1212.M.3CA3D7A2433949B7F0E9163CDFD4AE.vcr&sid=727

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