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Meet kele fleming from UBC Vancouver


It was a delight to take some time out with kele and talk to her about her work, ETUG, and plans for the coming year- Leva

Tell us a bit about where you work and what you do.

I work in the Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology at UBC Vancouver. I lead the Teaching and Learning Professional Development team at the Centre, a very talented and diverse group of educational developers and educational technologists. We’re charged with developing professional development programs, leading learning design projects and elearning consultation for the teaching and learning community. My typical day ranges from management meetings, HR and finance, planning T&L & tech projects, facilitating workshops. In the last couple of years, I’ve been very focused on the administrative side of my job but I love working directly with faculty and graduate students. I’ve made a concentrated effort this year to get back to the classroom and do more hands-on facilitation.

How long been involved in teaching and Learning and ed technology?

A long time…I guess it all started back in 1996 when I started working for the UBC Library as the Web Coordinator. I just took a tour through the Way Back Machine & wow does that bring back memories! In those days, I think I dreamt in HTML code. I worked on the library’s early websites and it is amazing to look back and see how quickly technology changed in the years (few short years really) between when the first website was launched and when I left to take a job with Michelle Lamberson and the newly formed Office of Learning Technology (OLT) at UBC-V in 2004.

What’s one thing you really love about the work you do?

People. I love working with people. I am always amazed at the infinite number of ways there are to approach a question or a challenge and I see that especially in working with a large group of people with a diversity of perspectives. There is a lot of power in multiplicity and finding the intersections and merge points within groups.

How long have you been a member of ETUG?

I joined ETUG in 2004.

What do you like best about this community and its activities?

The diversity of perspectives and knowledge. The willingness to try something new. The creativity. The ethic of sharing. The practice of being open. The face-to-face workshops are great for networking and hearing about the amazing work being done in the service of learning and teaching across the province.

Do you have a favorite ETUG memory?

I have many favourite ETUG memories…One that stands out…I remember my first ETUG workshop with much fondness and admiration for the ETUG community members. It was 2004, my first ETUG workshop, and I was asked to present on UBC Vancouver’s ePortfolio Pilot. I was very nervous but my nervousness quickly melted away because everyone was so welcoming and encouraging and interested in my project. What a wonderful introduction to a remarkable community.
Other highlights…Alexandra Samuel’s keynote on stranded evangelists (spring 2012), meditation session (fall 2011), the great debate (spring 2010), Canadian eLearning Conference (spring 2009), and many more.

What would you like ETUG to provide more of in terms of benefits/value to members? Any input or help you want to ask members to provide?

It would be great to additional find ways to connect with members between our face-to-face get togethers. Grant Potter suggested having a searchable list of ETUG members and details on their areas of interest and expertise. I think that’s a great idea. I’d also like to see more highlighting and sharing of projects between workshops, likely on our website or through news.

Do you have any special interests/hobbies?

I have a secret life as a musician and performer. I guess it’s not-so-secret if I’m putting it out there in this forum. I’m a singer-songwriter, and have been the front person for a couple of pop bands over the years. I’m currently working on a new record (yes, I still call them that) that will come out in 2013. Then, my next project is a to write and stage a musical. Perhaps I can recruit actors/singers/dancers from the ETUG community??
I see connections between my musical life and my educational life…both pursuits are about taking an idea and developing it into something that communicates ideas, learning and perhaps leads to small moments of transformation.

As Chair for the Steering Committe for ETUG this year any special message for members ?

Get involved! The strength of our community is it’s members and the energy we all bring to it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem obvious. Present on an idea or project, make connections with colleagues from another institution. if you’re anxious about presenting, then pair up with a seasoned ETUG-er. Your SCETUG committee can help connect you, just ask us!

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