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[Spring Workshop 2013] ETUG 106 Radio

* This was the landing page for all things we put in place for the ETUG 106 Radio.

After the Workshop

Audio recording

During the Workshop

To Listen

To broadcast

Get an app:


Set your settings:

These settings are always the same:
Port: 8001
Username: source
Password: etug
Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 128 kbps
Protocol: icecast2For each room, use the following settings:


Server: grant2.in.airtime.pro
Mountpoint: grant2_master

Halpern 1

Server: grant3.in.airtime.pro
Mountpoint: grant3_master

Halpern 2

Server: grant4.in.airtime.pro
Mountpoint: grant4_master

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