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[Fall Workshop 2014] Call for Facilitators


Call for Facilitators – ETUG Fall 2014 Workshop

1st Unconference! 
 BCIT Downtown, Vancouver
Thursday, November 13, 2014

AM: Pitches & PM: Sessions

An Unconference asks participants to decide on the topics!

Faculty, staff and students:  Join us on this journey into “serendipitous learning”!    We invite you to prepare your pitch, post-it, promote it and be ready to facilitate a 40 minute session.

>>ETUG Fall Unconference Pitch List<<

This Fall’s ETUG event invites you to explore a new format for our annual Fall Workshop – the Unconference!  What is an Unconference?  An Unconference is where the participants decide on the program topics . Topics can be decided in advance (posted on the web), or spontaneously generated, and pitched at the workshop.  Everyone then attends the sessions that interest them. (Want to learn more about this daring and unusual workshop format?  Check out these unconference resources or this Unconference 101 video.)
The pitch is intended to highlight your area of interest so others who are like-minded can plan to attend your session.  If you would like to begin generating interest, start the conversation, or find partners with like interests, we have provided a Google document where you may post your ideas. Also if you have an idea and want to connect with someone you can do so in the “ETUG Let’s Talk” space in SCoPE. Deadline: There isn’t one – be ready to pitch your idea the morning of the event. Limit – 1 slide per pitch.
Things will kick off with the 5 minute pitches and from these will emerge the afternoon program and breakout sessions. Pitches will be closely timed so when your time is up we’ll ring a bell or hit a gong to indicate your time is up!
Tips on creating an awesome pitch:

  • State a clear outcome/purpose of your session: at the end, what will people know or be able to do? Is the point to have a conversation? Collaborate on an idea? Seek others’ advice or input? Offer your expertise?
  • Be clear about what people will DO in your session (aim for activities over lectures)
  • Go for high-interest topics for the etug community (teaching, learning, technology, innovation, BC-based, …)

The 40 minute breakout sessions will take place in the afternoon of the workshop. (We have the use of the large Atrium room at BCIT, as well as, four additional breakout rooms.)
Here are some ideas for formats for your 40-minute Unconference sessions:

  • Show and Tell:  about a great app, a project, or anything you think people ought to see
  • Group Discussion: about a juicy topic that matters
  • My Big (or Little) Question:  invite others to help you answer it..
  • Mini-hack Session: present a problem , invite others to generate hands-on solutions .
  • Ed Tech Speed-dating: facilitate a fast-paced, round-robin “speed dating”-type session to allow participants to connect with many others in a short period of time – perhaps sharing strategies or technologies used in practice.
  • Case Study:  showing innovation in your work or at your institution
  • Thinking Session:  ask participants to brainstorm solutions to challenges you’ve dealt with, or are dealing with, in your practice.  Invite participants to design or create something together; e.g., assignment, grading rubric, policy, process strategy, etc.
  • World Cafe: Try a new spin on the group discussion by hosting a mini-World Cafe.  More info on the World Cafe format.

Your pitches in the Google document are open to the public so can be viewed by everyone. Unconference sessions will be subject that day to the “Law of Two Feet”.

>>ETUG Fall Unconference Pitch List<<

Registration for this event is now open. Note: there is no un-registration—you do have to register, please and thanks 🙂  Have questions or need assistance?  Contactus@etug.ca/

Looking forward to hearing your pitch and seeing you at ETUG in November!

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