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Meet Tannis Morgan of the Justice Institute of BC

Contributed by Tracy Kelly

TannisMorganTell us a bit about where you work and what you do.

I work at the Centre for Teaching, Learning  & Innovation at JIBC.  I’m the Associate Dean of the Centre, where I work with a really fantastic, creative team of 6 that include a Simulation Specialist, 3 instructional designers, a Student and Faculty Development coordinator (who also does instructional design) and a Web Specialist.  In addition to projects that come to our Centre from the 4 JIBC Schools, we have a focus on simulations, mobile learning, faculty development, and OERs.
I have to mention that our Centre also works with some really great people in Technology Services, as well as some incredibly innovative faculty and staff across JiBC.

How long been involved in teaching and Learning and ed technology?

Since 1993, as part of my grad studies in technology for language learning.  In terms of being gainfully employed in this area, I started in 2001 at UBC’s Centre for Distance Education and then became OLT, which has now morphed into CTLT.

What’s one thing you really love about the work you do?

JIBC rekindled my love for this work because of the unique character and needs of the institution, which translates into some really interesting projects.  Currently, less than a third of our projects are of the LMS vanilla course variety.  We are doing a lot of work in video, WordPress (including our first foray into badges), simulations, and OERs.  JIBC is looking to us to suggest creative models of course and program delivery, which is leading us down the path of video conferencing, multi-access learning and micro learning, in addition to what we’ve been able to do with mobile learning and program delivery.

How long have you been a member of ETUG?

My first ETUG was around 2004 in Comox.  My daughter was still a baby and we made a family trip of it and brought her to the conference.  (It was her first and hasn’t been her last. )

What do you like best about this community and its activities?

I love the connecting with colleagues part of ETUG and all the sharing that happens at ETUG.  It’s often the best conference I attend during the year and by far the best value!

Do you have a favorite ETUG memory

For the University of the Fraser Valley ETUG I car pooled with Karen Belfer and she got us there in about an hour or less. That was pretty memorable:-)

What would you like to ETUG provide more of in terms of benefits/value to members? Any input or help you want to ask members to provide?

I love that ETUG is always trying new things and changing it up.

Do you have any special interests/hobbies?

My daughter and I are writing a kid’s book together right now using Google Docs.  We work together in the same room on separate computers and have a good laugh while creating the characters.