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[Fall Workshop 2014] Resource List

Unconference Presentation Resources

Alan Levine, Storybox

Amanda Coolidge, BCcampus and Rich McCue, University of Victoria

Barish Golland, UBC

Helen Lee, Royal Roads University/ Vancouver Mozilla Hive Learning Community

Lawrence Parisotto, BCcampus

Ross McKerlich, Okanagan College 
I enjoyed my conversation with 3 students and obtained some salient observations which I can add to my previous research which I have done here at Okanagan College.  The key take aways from my research so far is that there is different use of mobile devices in higher education because:

  • The student is motivated to learn. He or she has chosen to take this course, is paying for this course and does not want to jeopardize the learning experience by focusing on their mobile device.
  • The student values relationships. He or she does not want to jeopardize a potential human relationship by focusing on their mobile device.

Other interesting lessons

  • Students sometimes focus on the mobile device if they are bored or if the instructional methods are not engaging. Could this be a formative evaluation tool for the teacher? Ie  – if students are looking at their phones perhaps it is time to change instructional strategy.
  • Students won’t be accessing the LMS on their phones but will reserve the bigger devices such as tablet or laptop for this purpose.
  • Mobile devices are used heavily by students who speak English as Second Language. The translation tools, dictionaries etc on their phone are helping to ensure success in their learning.

Saeed Dyanakar, Cindy Underhill and Mallory McMahon, UBC

  • http://diy.open.ubc.ca/   The resources on this site are evolving and improving as we work together on building/refining them. They are CC licensed and we welcome feedback.
  • The new resource in development is our Multimedia Design Principles guide: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Documentation:Design_Principles_for_Multimedia  – I’ll be integrating feedback to date over the next couple of weeks.  The link to the google doc for feedback is on the wiki page.
  • To view the set of wiki resources (most have which are being pulled in to the diy.open.ubc.ca site): http://wiki.ubc.ca/DIY_Media_Learning_Community. While our wiki requires UBC CWL authentication, I can sponsor some guest accounts if there is interest in collaborating.

Tracy Kelly, BCcampus and Jason Toal, SFU 

  • Check out our  Visual Practice Community
  • Graphic below is Sunni Brown’s “6 fundamentals of Visual Notetaking”
  • 6-Fundamentals



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