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[Spring Workshop 2015] Resource List

High 5: Survey Says

The anatomy of a 21st century educator – an incomplete but illustrated guide
Simon Bates, UBC

Exploring Learning Ecologies: Models and Experiences So Far
Paul Hibbitts, Hibbitts Design/SFU

Teaching in a Digital Age
Tony Bates, Tony Bates Associates Ltd.

Ditching Training Workshops: Building Learning Capacities in New Ways
Stephanie Boychuk and Melissa Robertson, VIU

Using the Marginalia Annotation Tool
Lannie Kanevsky, SFU

A Technologist’s edX Case Study
Ian Linkletter, UBC

Faculty Development: It’s Complicated
BJ Eib and Daniel Nelson, RRU and Tracy Kelly, BCcampus
Transforming Institutional Hierarchy: A student’s Journey
Taryn Goodwin, Student
Open Pedagogy: Defining & Designing
Mary Burgess and Amanda Coolidge, BCcampus

Let’s Collaborate: Considering, Designing, Developing and Sustaining Province-Wide Faculty ProD Initiative
Emily Schudel, Camosun
Mobile Technology Integration in an Applied Science Program: Forestry goes Paperless
Michael Pasckevicius, VIU

Outreach Activities: Service – Learning Web Projects
Mohd Abdullah, TRU

Open the Box on Quality: An Open source Quality) Measurement Framework
Chad O’Brien and Gina Bennett, CoTR

An Integrated Approach to the Practice of Ed Development
Jessica Earle-Meadows, Janet Dhanani, and Erin Yun, UBC
Creating Conditions for Well-Being in Learning Environments
Alisa Stanton, Rosie Dahaliwal, and David Zandvliet, SFU

By the Pen
Susan Clements-Vivian and Jason Toal, SFU
Intentional Collaboration: Moving Beyond Sharing in Higher Education
Melissa Jakubec, Michelle Harrison, and Kelly Warnock, TRU

PDPIE Framework: Online Course Development Quality Cycle
Afsaneh Sharif, UBC

How do we increase universities support of Professors OER and social network use in teaching Practice?
Janet Symmons, UVic

Adopting an open textbook: It doesn’t need to be all or nothing
Lauri Aesoph, BCcampus

Virtual Reality—Real Learning: Hands-on with Google Cardboard
Gina Bennett, CoTR and Leva Lee, BCcampus

Mainstreaming Multi-Access Learning and Open Education
Valerie Irvine, UVic ; Michael Paskevicius, VIU; Janet Symmons, UVic; Rich McCue, UVic; and Tanya Little, TRU

Digitizing the Toolbox- Taking Trades Programs Online
Melissa Robertson and Stephanie Boychuk, VIU

“A Chicken Every Pot”: Support Strategies for faculty going online
Brian Powell and Hope Miller, Douglas College

Yoga for Computer Users
Mohd Abdullah, TRU

Sensemaking in the changing world of learning design
Irwin DeVries and Tania Elias, TRU


Accessibility Toolkit
Amanda Coolidge – BCcampus
BCOER Librarians
Erin Fields, UBC, Debra Flewelling, Douglas College & Leva Lee, BCcampus
Members from SCETUG
Evolving Towards Open at JIBC
Tannis Morgan, Justice Institute of BC
Imagine a world where marking student essays was fun
Daniel Reeve, Camosun College

Let’s Re-imagine Faculty Development
Daniel Nelson, B.J. Eib, Royal Roads University & Tracy Kelly, BCcampus
Privacy and Teaching and Learning: What do We Need to Know?
Denise Goudy, BCcampus
Robots in Education
Rich McCue and Valerie Irvine, University of Victoria and Tanya Little, TRU

Vancouver Maker Education/ Mozilla App Maker
Helen Lee, Justice Institute of BC

The Web in Your Pocket: Distributing Digital Resources Using LibraryBox
Debra Flewelling, Douglas College, Gina Bennett, College of the Rockies & Leva Lee, BCcampus


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