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[Fall Workshop 2015] Call for Sessions!

This Fall our ETUG workshop hosted at VCC Downtown campus will be a  two part program on the theme of “open spaces.” First off, we’ll have a morning plenary session featuring some amazing and creative educational leaders from BC post secondary and further afield. The team from the UdG Agora project at University of Guadalajara (UdG) Student Centred and Mobile Learning Diploma will share their exciting work with us!  “Agora” is Greek for an open, public, gathering space or assembly.

For the balance of the morning and our afternoon we invite all ETUG participants to join in on our 2nd Fall Unconference. We’re letting you decide again on what topics you’d like to share, discuss, troubleshoot or learn. And what better place to do this, and find like-minded people, than at an ETUG gathering?

Get an early start and post your ideas in a Google document, or just come and be ready with an idea to “pitch” on November 6th.  At the unconference, each person will have 3 minutes to do a pitch with the goal of promoting interest in their session. Pitches will be closely timed so when your time is up we’ll ring a bell or hit a gong to indicate your time is up!

As pitches are completed, sessions will be posted on a large display board, as well as online. Taking into account limits on time and space, we welcome and will do our best to accommodate all sessions. But note that unconference sessions are subject to the “Law of Two Feet”.

Deadline for the Call for Unconference sessions

There isn’t one but we encourage you to post your pitch beforehand, so we can assist in helping to drum up interest in your session. (But those who just want pitch their idea the morning of the event are welcome to do that.)

Background on the Unconference format
Tips on creating an awesome pitch:
  • State a clear outcome/purpose of your session: at the end, what will people know or be able to do? Is the point to have a conversation? Collaborate on an idea? Seek others’ advice or input? Offer your expertise?

  • Be clear about what people will DO in your session (aim for activities over lectures)

  • Go for high-interest topics in the ETUG community (teaching, learning, technology, innovation, BC-based, …)

The unconference breakout sessions will take place in the afternoon of the workshop.  Sessions can be offered as 30, 60 or 90 minute segments. We have the use of a large room at VCC, as well as four additional breakout rooms.

Here are some ideas for possible unconference sessions:

  • Show and Tell:  about a great app, a project, or anything you think people ought to see

  • Group Discussion: about a juicy topic that matters

  • My Big (or Little) Question:  invite others to help you answer it

  • Mini-hack Session: present a problem , invite others to generate hands-on solutions

  • Case Study:  showing innovation in your work or at your institution

  • Thinking Session:  ask participants to brainstorm solutions to challenges you’ve dealt with, or are dealing with, in your practice.  Invite participants to design or create something together; e.g., assignment, grading rubric, policy, process strategy, etc.

  • World Cafe: Try a new spin on the group discussion by hosting a mini-World Cafe.  More info on the World Cafe format

Your pitches in the Google document are open to the public so can be viewed by everyone. So now, post your pitch!

>>ETUG Fall Unconference Sessions- The Pitch List<<

Note: there is no un-registration—everyone needs to register for the unconference, please and thanks! It’s only $35 + taxes which is to cover our catering costs.

Register Here!  Book your accommodations Here! Have questions or need assistance?  Contact one of your ETUG Reps or Contactus@etug.ca/