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[Fall Workshop 2016] Lightning Line-up (Morning)

Mike Minions, who hails from Okanagan College, will be the MC for the Lightning rounds.

Greetings; The Mystery of the Model Technology Classroom MC Mike Minions
ISD Software Aids: Ghosts of a Distant Past Jacque LeCavalier
The Case of the Dysfunctional Dial-In: Adventures in Videoconferencing MC Mike Minions
Shiny, shiny Tanya Dorey-Elias, TRU
The Case of the Bewildering Bubble-Sheets: A Tale of Assessment and Online Learning  MC Mike Minions
The Delicate Positioning of EdTech in the Landscape of Higher Ed Vivian Forssman, RRU
The Perplexing Problem of Preventative Maintenance MC Mike Minions
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Late Night Docker Fail Troy Welch, TRU
The Case of the Long Cable Run: Here’s a new laptop – Let us know how it works for you  MC Mike Minions
Going Down the Garden Path Rosario Passos & Joey Ma, BCcampus
 The Robots are Among Us: Kubi goes to Class MC Mike Minions
 LMS Presentation Horror Story Emily Renoe, UBC
 Virtual times virtual does not equal Reality MC Mike Minions
 Learning Objects Brian Lamb & Irwin DeVries, TRU
Epic Edtech Failure Story Paul Stacey, Creative Commons