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[Fall Workshop 2016] Summary Feedback

ETUG_surveyHere are the results and summary feedback for the Fall Workshop 2016, “Little (work) shop of Horrors: Tales of Fails and Edtek Experiments”.  37 participants responded. We thank you all for your detailed and thoughtful comments which are included below.
Networking: This was a valuable networking opportunity.
64.9 % Strongly Agree
32.4 % Agree
2.7% Neither Agree nor Disagree
Value : This was good value for the registration fee.
59.5 % Strongly Agree
29.7 % Agree
8.1% Neither Agree nor Disagree
2.7. Disagree
Quality: This was high quality learning/professional development experience for me.
37.8 % Strongly Agree
45.9 % Agree
16.2 % Neither Agree nor Disagree
Return: I would attend this event in the future.
58.8 % Strongly Agree
37.8 % Agree
5.4 % Neither Agree nor Disagree
Satisfaction: Overall, I am satisfied with my experience.
51.4 % Strongly Agree
40.5 % Agree
5.4 % Neither Agree nor Disagree
2.7 Disagree

What factors influence your satisfaction rating?
  • The format was experimental and highly amenable to both work and creativity. Keynote was incredible. Mixture of formats made for a fun, joyful and highly educational experience. I’ve been with ETUG since its very start, and I have to say the planners and organizers rocked it!
  • Audrey. Watters. Everything else was gravy.
  • Variety of different speakers and activities
    Our demoTable provided an intimate venue to showcase our current experimental online accessibility project; while concurrently opening up networking opportunities to invite the inquiring visitors to our upcoming DEMOfest event.
  • Quality of program/speakers, accessibility/convenience of access/travel, venue comfort (e.g. seating, space, temperature)\
  • I hate to be the naysayer, but I found the constant background noise during some of the presentations in the morning really overwhelming – made it very difficult for me to concentrate. That plus the volume of the “ambient” music during the networking time made it impossible for me to talk to very many people. I could speak to one other person but, in small group huddles, it became impossible to talk without leaning forward and speaking right into people’s faces – which I found very uncomfortable – thus the somewhat ambivalent response to your networking question. Not sure what you could do about this as I heard people saying how much they enjoyed it – you can’t please everyone, after all.
  • A combination of humour and intelligence resulted in great presentations and valuable learning material. I most definitely consider this day the time well spent and would gladly come again next year.
  • Good people; brave topic for the workshop — MISTAKES — and I appreciated that we could all stay together in one room instead of having to move into breakout rooms.
    Excellent keynotes and other speakers, plenty of opportunities for networking.
    I love talking to the people who attended and really felt there was an atmosphere of sharing.
  • All of the above factors
  • I thought the keynote speaker was unfortunately a miss. She talked a lot but didn’t say much. For the length she spoke, I really didn’t come away with anything valuable. Others seemed to enjoy her so maybe this was just me. I enjoyed most of the lightning round speakers. I did not have enough time to visit all the booths in the afternoon but the ones I did visit were very interesting.
  • Terrific space. Good pacing for the day, ie reading the room to get things moving instead of adhering to strict deadlines.
  • It was fun and thought-provoking at the same time
  • There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of time to take in everything and things felt rushed in the afternoon.
  • The tales of failures were good fun, but I actually didn’t learn much.
    get more info/guide about the new education technologies
  • This is the best professional community ever!
  • Hearing people’s stories
  • High quality learning/professional development experience
  • Everything was fresh and unexpected. This is the perfect size event for my general professional development needs. The most bang for the buck I’ve seen for a BCcampus event. Thank you!
  • Takeaways
  • The sessions/presentations, location, food
  • It was a different format and was interesting. I think the “lightning” style talks works in a large room format rather than long talks. In addition closing keynote was interactive and a great way to end the day.
  • The diversity of the crowd was interesting. Some presentations were relevant to users, others to IT, and others to developers. An interesting mix.
  • Overall event organization (relevance of presentations etc, dead-time in the program, sense of community, food and refreshments), program theme.
  • It was one of the best ETUGS i have attended. The format is very interactive and all the presentations are suitable with the themes. Awesome theme & venue!!
    lightning sessions disparate in length. Needs more new blood like the scientoonist
  • Primarily the types of workshops, (including format and content).
    I made a lot of good connections and had a good time.
  • The courage and honesty of the speakers to share their failures and lessons so openly was quite moving. The student presenters were hilarious and inspiring. I enjoyed the tour of the Centre very much, too.
  • This is the best local opportunity for like-minded educators to get together. We share our information, and learn from each other.
  • Only been to one other ETUG so this one was smaller in scale, but still good
  • It’s all about the people!
  • Experiences and presentations by other members are very closely related to my work
  • I understand that Ed Tech in higher education is heavily influenced by institutional, technological, organizational change and other such issues, but my interests centre on instructional design, and the workshop did not address ISD very much.
  • Thanks for an awesome job.
  • Thank you for inviting Audrey. It was a privilege to hear her speak.
  • Enjoyed the well organized and nutritious breakfast and lunch
  • this was an AWESOME etug. Audrey Watters was fantastic, and the student presentation (Arvind the Scientoonist) was among the most memorable presentations I’ve ever seen (I hope it was recorded! I want to watch it again). The theme was perfect (halloween aspect and “fail” aspect). Outstanding job organizers!
  • The event was well organized and I appreciated the brief story presentations and the often-hilarious short stories from Mike(?) I liked the balances of “fail stories” with options to network or explore other people’s projects (during afternoon table sessions). The food was good – variety and quality. Thanks to all the organizers.
  • Thank you to all organizers. The tower-building activity at the end of the day was wonderfully organized and I enjoyed it a lot.
  • Very creative concept and use of the time you had.
  • I would like to see more presentations to do with educational media, such as audio and video and social media.
  • Loved the tour of the CDM building. The black room was difficult to stay in all day long. The students presentation was terrific.
  • The day was well planned out and a lot of creative effort was put into everything. All of the speakers did a great job although I’m not sure how many real ‘take aways’ I got. The student presentation was particularly memorable and the tour of the facility was also appreciated. As always, ETUG is a valuable way to connect with others.
  • I will recommend others to attend. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Thank you, I always find that my time at an eTUG event is well spent. I always manage to meet someone new that’s doing something interesting or at least has different thoughts or ideas on a topic.
  • Really loved the casual atmosphere created by us all being in one big space. The ability to wonder around, meeting new people was great!
  • Thanks for another great learning opportunity and the chance to reconnect with ETUG colleagues in person.
  • Great job
  • I’m sure previous workshops have addressed this question, but I’d like to hear more about the pragmatic progress being made in BC higher ed towards improving the quality of courses and instruction, comparisons to other jurisdictions, etc. But overall, a great first ETUG experience, many thanks!!