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[Fall Workshop 2016] Resource List

Keynote: Audrey Watters

Video  “(This Is Not a Morphology of) The Monsters of Education Technology”


Dr. Jones aka Jason Toal

Lightning Sessions

ISD Software Aids, Jacque LeCavalier
Shiny, shiny, Tanya Dorey-Elias, TRU
Late Night Docker Failure Troy Welch, TRU
Going Down the Open Path, Rosario Passos and Joey Ma, BCcampus
Ed Tech LMS Horror Story, Emily Renoe, UBC-V

More Tales of Fail (Videos)

  • Clint Lalonde, BCcampus
  • Jason Toal, SFU
  • Paul Stacey, Creative Commons

Demos & Posters

  •  SFU EdMedia
  • Brian Powell, UBC-O
  • Steven Bishop & Hope Miller, Douglas College, ATS
  • Hui Niu and Joan Sharp, SFU
  • Mike Minions, Okanagan College
  • Mary O’Neill, VIU
  • Troy Welch, TRU
  • Sylvia Riessner, Educomm & Leva Lee, BCcampus (12appsofchristmas.ca)
  • Tony Bates
  • Gee Lam, Kar-on Lee, & Christina Drabik, SFU Learn Tech
  • Keith Webster, RRU

Timelapse Video Josh Miller, Centre for Digital Media

Photos Dennis Yip, JIBC

More Photos

Storify Leva Lee, BCcampus

Toobeez Jam with Patrick Pennefather, CDM

Blog Posts

“Scary Tales of Online Learning and Ed Technology”, Tony Bates
“Fail Tales and Scary Stories at Fall ETUG event”, Sylvia Riessner
Induction of Member Emeritus: kele fleming