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[Fall workshop 2017] Can you handle the truth?

In Mike Caufield’s post-keynote workshop, “Six Traps of Online Information Literacy (and a few solutions),” we will have a chance to delve into some techniques from his open textbook, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, https://webliteracy.pressbooks.com, or, as he refers to it, the “instruction manual to reading on the modern internet.”
In small groups, we will work together on web-based research and share tales of discovery in our “post-truth society.” Or, as Mike puts it, “In other words, we’ll teach you web literacy by showing you the unique opportunities and pitfalls of searching for truth on the web.”
Please join us for this timely and important activity in which we are all actors.
Attendees should bring their own device (laptop, tablet, cellphone) to participate in this workshop, if at all possible.