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[Spring 2019 Workshop] 25th Anniversary Program Teaser

Contributed by SCETUG’s 25th Anniversary Program Committee
This year’s action-packed conference will offer participants two days of focused thinking and conversations with inspiring keynotes, concurrent sessions, a panel discussion, awards, social events, and much more. Join us for two amazing days of collaboration, innovation, and learning, discovering new ways to spark change within the field of educational technology.
And, to put you in a conference frame of mind, our “Back to the Future” theme will have the following streams:

  1. Educational technologies that have persisted: This stream explores 25 years of educational technologies or processes that might have seemed radical and innovative in their day, yet have persisted, even becoming mainstream.
  2. People and technology: Here you will explore how technology has creatively disrupted education over the past 25 years and how the roles of instructors, learners, and everyone in between have been profoundly impacted.
  3. Moving forward: Future trends: This stream explores forward-thinking approaches to education and educational technology, incorporating creativity and innovation as essential components of effective educational technology over the next 25 years.
  4. Staying the course: Here we ask that you and/or those you work with commit to a sustained effort of action over the long term.

So, mark your calendars for June 20-21, 2019. We’ll see you at BACK to the FUTURE! Look for more information next month…