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Flashback Friday – mid-90s

…another cool thing about the Net is that you can use it to publish not just words and pictures, but also music.”

Happy 2019 ETUG! This is the first post of many that take a nostalgic look back at ETUG’s long and storied history. We will showcase highlights of what happened that year in pop culture, tech trends—the hits, the misses–and the ETUG hijinks that everyone was talking about then, and still do. Away we go! It’s back to when it all began: ETUG, the fledgling years, 1994, 1995 and 1996.
ETUG started in 1994 with the meeting up of three grassroots user groups from the B.C. public post-secondary institutions:

  • Interactive Videoconferencing User Group
  • Computer-mediated communication Group
  • Mullti-Media User Group

Back then, members would meet to network, share stories and trouble-shoot on such cutting edge topics as the latest technology, computers, tools and gadgets, video and audio conferencing best practices, internet training, email etiquette, compatibility and interconnectivity, services for leaners in remote area, and planning the shift from analog to digital tools.

Wayback Video Archive: SCETUG Emeritus Amanda Harby contributed the video below on the birth of ETUG and the early members of the community.