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[Member Profile] Meet Andy Sellwood from Vancouver Community College

Tell us a bit about where you work and what you do.

I am an Instructional Associate at Vancouver Community College. I work in the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR). We support the academic departments at the college in a variety of ways.
For example, we provide guidance around teaching and learning by facilitating orientation sessions for new faculty and by working one-on-one with instructors who have specific issues they want to address in their courses. A large part of our work is with curriculum development; helping departments in the creation of new programs or the revision of existing programs or courses (which could be face-to-face, blended or fully online). We are also significantly involved in governance at the college and serve on a wide range of committees. Finally, we are pulled into many college-wide initiatives such as the creation of Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs).
In terms of education technology we have an eLearning Support & Media Development team within CTLR made up of Blair Friesen and John Love. We have also just created a new position: Manager, Online Learning Strategy & Design. The focus of this position will be to implement our Online Learning Strategy which was completed at the end of last year. Needless to say, we are very excited!
How long have you been involved in teaching and learning and/or ed technology?
I joined CTLR back in January 2017. Prior to that I was a physics instructor teaching both first-year and Adult Basic Education (ABE) physics. I also spent six years as the department head of science at VCC.
I was initially inspired in my teaching by a colleague, and physics-teaching legend, Peter Hopkinson. Peter had perfected the art of capturing his students’ attention through the use of exciting and engaging physics demonstrations. His attitude toward teaching is something I carry with me in my work with faculty today; “we are not teaching physics, we are teaching physics to students”.
What’s one thing you really love about the work you do?
I really enjoy working with departments to help them get to where they need to go with their programs and courses. For example, I am leading our Music Degree through a year long Program Renewal process. This involves a lot of planning and organising, as well as facilitating sessions and working one-on-one with faculty; all things I love to do.
How long have you been a member of ETUG?
I joined ETUG back in January 2017; the same time that I started in CTLR at VCC.
What do you like best about this community and its activities?
I love the sharing of ideas and expertise. In particular, going to a conference and being inspired by some new approach to teaching and learning.
Do you have any special interests/hobbies?
I am a huge nerd and love to play table-top strategy games. I am also a very keen trail runner.