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[ETUG 25] Flashback Friday – 2009 + 2010

As ETUG celebrates 25 years, we are taking the opportunity every Friday to dig into our archives and celebrate our 25-year history. Today’s Flashback Friday continues back in time to the late 2000s.

It’s 2009!

As was the tradition, every few years ETUG would go BIG with the workshop. Since 2009 was ETUG’s 15th anniversary, we decided to mark the occasion by partnering with UBC Vancouver’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and host the  2009 Canadian E-learning Conference (CNIE). The theme was “From Implementation to Innovation”,  exploring innovating in ed tech while managing operations and dealing with the challenge of change.
Spring keynotes were Richard Baraniuk, one of the pioneers of Open Education and the founder and director of Open Stax, as well as Barbara Ganley, exemplary storyteller and builder of community and connection (and as she says, with and without technology.) Sessions were offered in the following streams: “Open, Connected & Social”; “Extending the CMS”; “Learning and Teaching” and “Research”.

Some members of the CeLC09 team.
Keynote Richard Baraniuk
Keynote Barbara Ganley

The wonder team at UBC CTLT created this great site documenting the event for posterity: http://celc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/  Especially memorable was the first rendition of “Ed Tech Jeopardy” hosted by Paul Stacey who was with BCcampus at the time. There are some great photos here and here and here from the conference and tweets using the tag #celc2009.  Please note: almost exactly a decade later UBC Vancouver is hosting 2019 CNIE.  Be sure to check out the conference program!

Leva and Amanda cutting the ETUG 15th Anniversary cake.

For the 2009 Fall workshop, ETUG was held at the SFU Segal School of Business. The theme was “Learning Design” with keynote Grainne Conole at that time from the Open University, UK She spoke about her project Cloudworks and led us through a hands-on workshop with the Learning Design Compendium software tool. Tracy Roberts was the Chair taking on the lead of SCETUG from Bryan Fair and Michelle Lamberson.
The lineup of presenters included:

  • Collaborative learning models – Tannis Morgan and Amanda Coolidge, BCIT
  • Learning space design – Justin Marples, UBC and Alyssa Wise, SFU
  • Large scale learning design – Karen Belfer, VCC
  • Designing for engagement – Denise Withers and Esther Hsu, UBC

The day was topped off by a presentation to Randy Bruce, BCcampus, as a newly inducted Member Emeritus. Here are some photos from the 2009 Fall Workshop and here as well, thanks to UBC CTLT, Zack Lee and Sylvia Currie. Amazingly, you can still see tweets from this event, as well, if you search #etugdesign!

Mike and Cindy engaged in deep discussion about Learning Design.
All good: kele and Cindy giving the thumbsup!


It’s 2010!

Workshop Location and Themes
In 2010, ETUG happily headed to Vancouver Island for the Spring Workshop at University of Victoria. Taking a queue from our location we came up with the theme of “3 Cups of Tea: Teaching, Technology and Transformation”.  Session topics included “Headsup! Intro to Geohacking”, “E-portfolio Panel”, “Wordcamp”, “FOIPOP”, “iPad: the next gadget for a learning surface”, “Cloud Computing”.
The workshop started with a  panel session on “Strategic Thinking about E-learning” which was written up by Tony Bates here and finished with a rockus debate on technology “evolution” or “revolution”.

Wild rabbits and other creatures on campus at University of Victoria, 2010.

The Innovation Award winner was Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Victoria, Ulrike Stege, for SPARCS, a program encouraging children in creative ways to learn computer science.
Noteworthy swag was our first ETUG souvenier t-shirts with the logo designed by UBC CTLT’s Zack Lee. Here’s some photos from the event here and here.
Here are two great videos from “3 Cups of Tea” workshop created by Amanda Coolidge that perfectly sum up the workshop:
and this one
To switch things up, we held the Fall workshop at the Inn of the Quay Hotel a venue situated along the Fraser River in New Westminster. The theme was “Stop Tugging, Start Bridging” and was focused on conversations around collaboration
Here a video showing you a glance of each of our speakers and one very busy, sold out workshop: https://media.bccampus.ca/media/0_mvb0swtn
Finally, here’s a summary of the ETUG activities from 2009-2010 by then Chair, Tracy Roberts.