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[Fall Workshop 2020] What were our metaphors in a Fall unlike any other?

Contributed by Matt Stranach, TRU

When planning the fall workshop, the organizing committee kept coming back to the question: Why another web conference? And what could we contribute to our community that would reflect our shared experiences in a truly unprecedented semester and year?

The answer came in the form of another question: What’s your metaphor?

In the weeks leading up to November 6th, 107 ETUG-gers bravely registered for the Fall Workshop to present, listen, question, discuss, and share. Participants made their way in and out throughout the day, with as many as 65 in the main Zoom room at any one time. The ETUG Slack was available for official backchannel chat, and various beverages were enjoyed by many in the post-event Virtual Happy Hour.

While many all of us are tasked to the max, and Zoom Fatigue is certainly real, the Fall 2020 workshop was appreciated by the vast majority of attendees who completed the post-event survey. Among the comments most appreciated by the committee: “[The] tech experience was pretty smooth. Well – facilitated and paced.”

For those who wished they could have been there, or would like to revisit presentations from the day, recordings of most sessions— as well as slides and other materials— are available below.

Thanks to everyone who made time to attend a great day on November 6th! We are looking forward to the spring event. If you have any ideas for themes, formats, or “other” please let us know.

Recorded Sessions