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[Spring Workshop 2021] The “Story of Us” Research SPLOT

10:00 – 10:15 am Wednesday May 26, 2021

Jessica Motherwell McFarlane

Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D. is a counsellor in private practice and professional education consultant on gender, antioppression, indigenization, and other social justice issues. She is an instructor at the Justice Institute of British Columbia where she won the Instructional Excellence award in 2016. Jessica is also the developer and director of the Life Outside the Box Learning Institute — a JIBC initiative — with curricula designed to use visual narratives (comics) as a way to SEE story, conflict, and injustice from new perspectives.

Session Description

The purpose of this activity was threefold, to: (a) show that research happens in everyday life; (b) help each learner get used to creating stick figure comics; and (c) wake up sleepy folks for our morning class. I gave “comix slams” about different research concepts (e.g., anonymous, hypothesis, etc.) first thing on some mornings. Then learners did a pair/share to describe their stick figure scene to another. Learners collected at least five of their morning comics into this SPLOT: https://drjcomics.opened.ca/
Note: you can click on different research categories on the left side bar or choose “surprise me” for a random selection from the comix collection.

Recording and Materials