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[Spring Workshop 2021] PebblePad – A tool for teaching and learning in a post-pandemic world

3:00 – 3:50 pm Thursday May 27, 2021

Lisa Gedak, Leeann Waddington, Chris Ryan, Mustafa Mohammed, Omar Jakir, and Robin Leung

Lisa Gedak, Teaching and Learning with Technologies Strategist, KPU
Leeann Waddington, Manager Learning Technology, KPU
Chris Ryan, Teaching and Learning with Technologies Strategist, KPU
Mustafa Mohammed, Senior Systems Analyst, KPU
Omar Jakir, Senior Systems Analyst, KPU
Robin Leung, Educational Media Strategist

Session Description

In this 50-minute presentation, participants will be introduced to the PebblePad learning journey platform implemented during the pandemic to support innovative teaching practices.

Members of our LearnTech team, specifically the manager, a senior analyst, two teaching with technologies strategists, and an educational media strategist will share our experiences with selecting and implementing PebblePad at our institution during the pandemic.

Pre-pandemic, ePortfolios were identified as a high-impact practice in post-secondary contexts and were already in use in many courses at our institution; however, with limited interest. So why did we invest in this tool? Why did we select PebblePad from a sea of available technologies? What were the ethical considerations? How could the data inform the implementation, and how could it be used to impact future practices?

Implementing this tool during the pandemic presented challenges that required the whole team’s flexibility, and we will discuss the strategies and solutions we collectively and creatively generated to create brave new spaces for our future learners!

Recording and Materials