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[Spring Workshop 2022] Flipped, Hyflex, and Hybrid: The Future of Education Technology Support – Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

We are looking for presenters to expand upon this theme. You could present from a broad and conceptual perspective, or from practical and direct examples in your own context. You could focus on student experiences, or faculty experiences. You could discuss successes and failures within your own department or institution. Questions that could be addressed in a proposal include: 

  • How have education technology support roles changed? How will they change and will new roles emerge?  What will be the future expectations of the various roles that support faculty with hyflex and hybrid learning? 
  • How are decisions around tools and technology being made at institutions and within departments? And, how do these decisions impact what we do?  
  • What will students need from higher education in terms of delivery modes? What will we have to offer them? How will institutions in BC change? How will the programs being offered adapt? How can technology be used to maximize accessibility for students in both online and F2F environments? 
  • Lo-tech, high-tech, and DIY hyflex learning; How have you managed to set yourself up for hyflex delivery if you don’t have the budget for expensive room setups?  
  • As institutions invest in hyflex and hybrid technology and support, what is the demand or desire for educational delivery to return to face-to-face delivery?” 

Submit your proposal for ETUG’s Spring Workshop

The call for proposals will close at the end of Monday, April 11, 2022.