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[Spring Workshop 2022] H5P in Pressbooks Workshop

May 26, 3:00 – 3:50

Session Description

The teaching and learning landscape is changing. Course content has been delivered, for the most part, via online platforms throughout the pandemic, so now what? Many students will expect course content to be blended, a combination of online content with in-class lectures and most postsecondary faculty will want to accommodate this expectation. Often online content is static which can be a drawback for both instructors and learners. Now instructors can easily and confidently develop a suite of engaging interactive materials content using H5P. Students benefit from H5P as well, it affords new ways of not only engaging with information but presenting it. Students can author their own H5Ps using WordPress, Pressbooks and, at TRU, Moodle! (We’ll be happy to share how we achieved that with interested Moodle support folks, too.)

Join Brenna and Jamie in this hands-on workshop to learn how to create interactive learning objects that will engage your students using H5P in Pressbooks.

We will provide a Pressbook space that will also act as a persistent resource and sandbox space for you to come back to as needed — you’ll be able to review and revisit the materials shared here, and to learn from the work your peers will do in this workshop. We will cover:

  • the range of interactive options offered by H5P;
  • some principles to help you decide which H5P tools are best for which applications;
  • how to borrow and reuse CC-licensed H5P content;
  • how to actually build an interactive with H5P; and
  • how to download your interactives and reuse them in another platform.

You will be assigned a “chapter” to work in so you can practice importing and authoring H5P content and you can consider the Pressbook a resource to come back to as needed. You can use your authoring space as a sandbox to practice in.

Recording and Materials