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[Fall Workshop 2022] Development of a Digital Literacy Open Education Resource at BCcampus

Friday November 4, 1:00 – 1:50

  • Tracy Roberts, Director, Learning & Teaching, BCcampus
  • Clint Lalonde, Acting Director, Open Education, BCcampus
  • Helena Prins, Advisor, Learning & Teaching, BCcampus
  • Gwen Nguyen, Advisor, Learning & Teaching, BCcampus
  • Britt Dzioba, Coordinator, Learning & Teaaching, BCcampus
  • Leva Lee, Manager, Learning & Teaaching, BCcampus
  • Selina McGinnis, Lead UX Designer, BCcampus

Session Description

BCcampus will present on our journey towards the development of a Digital Literacy Open Education Resource Repository, aimed at educators in the BC PSI system, and based on the eight competencies outlined in the AEST Digital Learning Strategy (Consultation Draft, pp. 20-31). We will address what this project is, how it came about, and what we expect to achieve. We will also demonstrate how BCcampus takes the lead to support instructors in the process of integrating digital literacy knowledge, skills, and abilities into their courses. Finally, we would like to invite participants to ask their questions, and to share what Digital Literacy materials are housed at their institutions, which may be a strong fit for the repository.

Recording and Materials

Shared by the presenters and by ETUG community in the chat.