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[Fall Workshop 2022] Why Incorporate Accessible Practice into your Classroom?

Friday November 4, 11:45 – 12:05

Session Description

Since March 2020 most instructors have adapted their classroom to accommodate remote learning and now you are likely finding a new routine transitioning back to the classroom. While change is taking place, why not incorporate accessible and inclusive practice into your classroom? I recognize that incorporating accessible and inclusive practice techniques in your classroom can seem like a daunting task. When there are no accessibility requests it may seem onerous to design your course in an accommodating and inclusive way, but I assure you there are more needs in your classroom than you know. Many students choose not to disclose their disability because they do not want to be “outed” as having a disability or be seen as given an unfair advantage over the rest of the class. Although you do not know what specific accommodations need to be made, there are many practices you can use to create a more accessible and inclusive classroom. In this short talk I will discuss my story, I will also share some simple tips and techniques to help make your face-to-face, online or hybrid classroom more inviting for all.

Recording and Materials

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