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[Spring Workshop 2023] Showcase: Digital literacies and inclusive design practices

Thursday June 1, 11:10 – 11:30

Session Description

Our short session will showcase modules that feature digital literacies and inclusive design practices. Designed as a CC Attribution Non-Commercial Creative Commons license resource, these modules build and expand knowledge and application of digital competencies that are particularly relevant to designing learning for hybrid spaces that intersect with the online and face-to-face spectrum. The goals of this resource are to: Increase digital literacies and digital knowledge mobilization and citizenship awareness; Explore interactivity built into all hybrid learning environments; Enable legal and fair use of various ways to share knowledge remotely, such as creative commons licenses; Consider the design of inclusive digital spaces; Increase feelings of confidence and competency in online teaching and learning spaces; Expand understanding of the safe, social, and ‘professional’ use of a wide range of technologies. In showcasing these modules, we hope to share interactivities for participants to actively engage with digital literacies, accessibility, and inclusion, and expand upon how these modules can be used in various, multi-disciplinary education settings.

Recording and Materials

There is no recording for this session.

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