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[Spring Workshop 2023] DIY Toolkit for Digital Literacy

Thursday June 1, 9:55 – 10:40

Session Description

In response to requests from faculty interested in how best to use emerging technologies in their classroom, Jessica started to build a Digital Literacy toolkit. Anwen was subsequently invited to collaborate on expanding the toolkit.

The result is a toolkit that supports higher educators to facilitate conversations about the ethical use of digital technologies for meaningful collaborations within digital communities. Specifically, the toolkit aims to support faculty in facilitating the co-creation of class agreements that address the ethical use of digital technologies and media, netiquette, and digital citizenship to maintain well-being.

The toolkit will help learning communities to:

  • Consider the ethical and legal implications of collecting and disseminating digital information.
  • Assess the risks and benefits of having an online presence.
  • Establish healthy limits with technology to maintain well-being.
  • Engage in meaningful communication and collaboration with digital communities.
  • Explore how digital tools such as AI can extend teaching and learning opportunities.

Our goal is that this toolkit can be customised for use by anyone who chooses to adopt it. As such, it will be available to reuse and adapt. In this session, you will participate in a co-creation activity and be asked to reflect on the process and the outcomes of that activity. Finally, participants will be invited to start thinking about how they could use the toolkit at their institutions and how it could be adapted for their use.

Recording and Materials

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