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[Spring Workshop 2023] Evolving Considerations for Experiential Learning Design in Digital Environments

Thursday June 1, 4:10 – 4:30

Session Description

The Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) has had a long history with Experiential Learning, from its scenario-based learning activities all the way to full-scale multi-agency simulations. As stated in our most recent strategic plan, “our curriculum emphasizes real world hands-on experiential learning in training that has an immediate and lasting impact.”

While multi-faceted experiential learning design has always been part of our work at JIBC, in recent years, we have been attempting to provide more training in digital environments. Transforming the idea of “hands-on” learning to new and innovative formats poses some interesting challenges for our teaching-and-learning-centre-based instructional designers when working with stakeholders such as subject matter experts, students, administrators, and instructors. In effect, our collaborative work often involves integrating different notions and experiences of what experiential learning actually means.

In order to develop our collective capacity, we have reconsidered aspects of our design process, especially for digital learning projects, and attempted to map out a set of principles and procedures for collaboration. Reflection includes a comparison of our curriculum development activities in light of the eight competencies identified in the digital literacy framework from BC’s Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

Now when we talk about learning design, we try to bring together our complementary interests and skill sets, from the importance of authentic, learning experiences in the field to the concerns for accessibility, inclusion, and technological competence. The result offers a broader approach to instructional design and the use of educational technology to accomplish our ongoing commitment to experiential learning.

This short session will outline some of our approaches to and experiences with an instructional design process that strives to be more inclusive of our partners and stakeholders.

Recording and Materials

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