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[Spring Workshop 2023] LMS Accessibility Orientation

Friday June 2, 3:05 – 3:25

  • Luke McKnight is an Assistive Technologist in Education Technology at Langara College

Session Description

Students are expected to master a deluge of technology and software when they begin a new academic journey. When students use assistive technology, there can be additional barriers and a rapid increase in the learning curve for those platforms.

At Langara, we found some students using assistive technology spent an inordinate amount of time learning how their assistive technology interacted with our learning management system, Brightspace.

In this session, Langara’s assistive technologist will provide an overview and demonstration of a Brightspace course developed to orient and familiarize students with the learning management system. The course is a self-register, voluntary course for students that use assistive technology. Ideally, students would enroll in the course before their first class and learn how their assistive technology will interact with Brightspace.

By providing tailored instructions and a sandbox to experiment, we want to let students focus on their schoolwork, not mastering yet another unfamiliar web platform.

Recording and Materials

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