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2011 ETUG Fall Workshop – Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals for the 2011 ETUG Fall Workshop
“You Are Here: Supporting Mindful Journeys in our Practice”
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond, BC – Friday, November 4, 2011
Proposal Deadline: Monday, October 3, 2011 

A Call for Proposals for faculty, staff and students is now open for those interested in facilitating a session at the 2011 ETUG Fall Workshop.
This year we head to Kwantlen Polytechnic University located in the travel hub of Richmond, BC, inspiring the theme: “You Are Here: Supporting Mindful Journeys in our Practice”. We invite you to share your experiences and mindful journeys in teaching, learning and technology, by exploring one or more of the following:
1. Planning…your journey

  • Planning for professional development: Are there new and emerging strategies we should consider for our professional learning community? What’s hot or not? Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCS)? Personal Learning Environments?
  •  In mapping out a professional development plan, what’s on the top 10 list?
  • Planning for the strategic use of educational technology – Where do you and your institution want to go? Any case studies to help us highlight academic planning and deliberate educational technology selections and pedagogical uses?
  • Planning for the present and future: What does sustainable education look like in this climate of economic and environmental challenge? What opportunities exist for academic continuity or for learning technology and social media to be change agents within our social, educational, and communications institutions (e.g. creating opportunities for transformative learning, new avenues for democratic participation and transformation)?

2. Supporting… your journey

  • Support for professional development: Reflecting and learning from each other: What are you doing? Any insights you can share?
  • Support for mindful presence: How does one organize oneself in a time of technology overload?
  • Faculty development initiatives: What is your institution or department currently doing to support faculty development?
  • Student support: Based on experience and current models of delivery, what do students want and need?
  • What institutional strategies and support systems are working to help you effectively support what you are you doing? Is your institution involved in any initiatives such as Open Education or mobile learning? What new support models are emerging?

3. Embarking …on your journey 

  • Personal journeys: Can you share what has helped and impacted your practice or enabled you to share ideas, innovations, and educational resources? Stories?
  • Once you are on the journey, what evaluation strategies do you employ to evaluate technology effectiveness and the impact of learning in higher education?
  • What delivery strategies are evolving for new models such as mobile learning?

Session Formats include the following:

  • Case study:  Share a case study …
  •  Discussion/demo of a work in progress:   Are you in the middle of a project in which you can share what’s working, what’s not, and get feedback from your participants?
  • Thinking Session: Facilitate a thinking session in which you ask participants to brainstorm solutions to problems encountered … Invite participants to design or create something together… (best practices? plan? policy?  strategy?)
  • Hands-On: Lead a hands-on/how-to session
  • Other: Volunteer to organize and facilitate a spontaneous open space session, a panel discussion, or pecha kucha session

Additional Info:

  •  The ETUG Fall workshop is a one day, single stream program that will accommodate 4 – 6 sessions (approximately 50 minutes per session)
  • Our anticipated number of participants is 100-120.
  • We encourage session designs that are interactivecreative, unusual, and provide opportunities for engagement, questions and discussion.
  • The event will be held in a large conference room with a long tables of 6-8 people to accommodate these numbers.
  • Wireless internet access will be available.
  • Photos will be taken at the workshop and we plan to record sessions to share on the ETUG community http://etug.ca/

Expenses for Presenters at ETUG
BCcampus/ETUG is pleased to cover the cost for registration for facilitators at the workshop and the cost for travel and accommodation for BC-based facilitators who live outside of the Greater Vancouver area.  Coverage for travel and accommodation will be for the primary facilitator for sessions with more than one facilitator (with the exception of panel discussions). If you are looking for collaborators on a session or have questions, go to the 2011 ETUG Fall Workshop  Group.
We welcome your ideas and your proposals! The deadline for submissions is Monday October 3rd.