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Open Textbook Authoring Tools Part 4 – The Rest

Well, we are nearing the end of this series on Open Textbooks, just one or two posts to go. Before we leave off this section on Authoring Tools, though, I wanted to provide some annotated links to a host of others I have discovered in my travels in case they were of use to someone. […]

Open Textbook Authoring Tools Part 3 – Book Sprints

In my first two write-ups, I framed the pieces around the tools, WordPress and Mediawiki specifically. Hopefully it was clear though that part of the impact of these tools in creating open textbooks is not simply about the products they can produce, but that they can also change the entire process of book authoring and […]

Rice University develops free online physics textbooks

Smith, M. (2010) Why Pay for Intro Textbooks? Inside Higher Education, February 7 Rice University, using the Connexions platform, is offering online Introductory Physics textbooks for free, through the non-profit publisher OpenStax College. The books are peer reviewed, and could save students up to US$90 million a year in the USA, if they are adopted by […]

Open Textbook Authoring Tools Part 2 – WordPress and Pressbooks

I moved this blog on to the wordpress platform in 2007 (I think.) I built a open learning search portal on wordpress in 2009. I have participated and helped organize a bunch of different “wordpress in education” events here in BC, and maintain wordpress installations for both BCcampus and etug. So I probably don’t need […]

Open Textbook Authoring Tools Part 1 – Mediawiki

So my last post should have made it clear that what I am ultimately hoping to promote/support for BC is an authoring and publishing system for open textbooks that: can enable collaborative authoring if desired can be done “out in the open” to enable as much as possible the conditions for serendipity to emerge, so […]

Let’s write an ebook!

This is a seminar I’ve been looking forward to for a long time! The idea started back in June at the STLHE conference in Saskatoon, where I met Richard Schwier in person for the first time. I was so excited to meet him that I ran off mid sentence to a …

The Moving Target of Open “Textbooks”

As part of our efforts here in BC around Open Textbooks, I have asked those involved with the project to single out some of their favourite examples. You see, when we use the term “open textbooks” we all think we know what we mean by it, but like the blind men and the elephant, depending […]

Apple makes iBooks 2 and cheap textbooks available – but is this a good thing?

  © MacWorld 2012 Apple today announced a new strategy for its educational market:  iBooks 2, a new, upgraded version of its iBook application,  featuring iBooks textbooks.  ’iBooks textbooks offer iPad users gorgeous, fullscreen textbooks with interactive animations, diagrams, photos, videos, unrivaled navigation and much more.’ agreements with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill and Pearson that […]

The textbook of tomorrow

This very interesting graphic has been created by onlineeducation.net (and thanks Peter Kim for permission to re-use it here) I would add one other functionality, and that would be the inclusion of asynchronous online discussion forums so that students and instructors from across different institutions can discuss textbook topics, such as at http://www.batesandsangra.ca/forum (unfortunately I could […]