Mission Statement

The Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) is a community of BC post-secondary educational practitioners focused on the ways in which learning and teaching can be enhanced through technology. Our community is diverse and members include:

  • post-secondary professional staff (e.g. instructional designers, media developers, technical support)
  • instructors and learners
  • academic and technology administrators

We are affiliated with our educational colleagues in other sectors and welcome dialogue with the vendor community.
Our core value is a commitment to nurturing a vibrant, innovative, evolving, and supportive community that thrives with the collegial sharing of ideas, resources, and ongoing professional development through  face-to-face workshops  and online.
As a grassroots group, ETUG has been in existence since 1994. Over the years ETUG has presented the following activities and events in support of innovation and best practices in educational technology in BC:

  • Annual face-to-face workshops held in the fall and spring
  • Annual  BC Innovation Awards in Educational Technology
  • Online discussions on topics of interest to members
  • Real-time web-based events
  • Institutional updates
  • The ETUG News (a monthly newsletter)

The Steering Committee for the Educational Technology Users Group (SCETUG) is responsible for organizing activities for ETUG.
Our activities are funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and sponsored by BCcampus.